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Our mission is to deliver all-round quality healthcare to all international patients, whether they have private health insurance or not. We welcome tourists, students and expatriates in need of urgent medical assistance or programmed consultations with specialists.

Medical Care South S.L. was founded to guarantee medical coverage and assistance to these patients and provide them with a personalized service in every aspect related to their visit: health, linguistic and administrative. Located in two of the most touristic cities in Andalucía and with partner offices at healthcare facilities all around the country, our company offers a double service both for the patient and the insurance company.

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Our vision goes beyond being a leading company on our sector for we want to be a professional company that respects the patients and their needs but also to create a positive work environment that encourages and motivates our employees and develops their abilities.

The fundamental values of our company are offering personalized quality services, adapting to our patient characteristics and meeting their needs. We also aim at being transparent, responsible, ethical and compromised with our work.

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Medical Care South S.L. is made of experts in patient management with the single mission of delivering quality all-round services to make your visit to our facilities as comfortable as possible. We recognize the need to communicate and provide services in the language of the patient, that is why our team of professional interpreters will accompany you through all the process and tend to your every need not only linguistic but also administrative.

We also offer direct billing with international insurance companies. Our team is responsible for contacting your insurance company directly to deal with every paperwork necessary so that you can worry about what matters: your health.

Additionally, we work with a team of qualified English-speaking doctors who make home and hotel visits. These doctors are available 24 hours a day at your convenience.

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Medical Care South will offer you the best possible experience in difficult times. From dealing with paperwork to scheduling your appointments and interpreting for you, we will take care of everything. English speaking doctors Granada – English speaking doctors Seville – Doctors in Granada – Doctors in Seville – Medical clinics Granada – Medical clinics Seville – Emergency care Granada – Emergency care Seville – Medical emergency Granada – Medical emergency Seville


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